Daily Archives: 28 February 2014

London Cycling Campaign

The London Cycling Campaign is a 12,000-strong membership charity, making sure that everyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, has a voice in Greater London. “We strive for a city that encourages Londoners to cycle, creating a healthier and happier place for everyone “All our staff and volunteers are committed to serving our 12,000 members […]

Bike Hub

Bike Hub is a joint initiative of the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders via the Bike Hub levy scheme. The objective of Bike Hub is to generate funds from within the cycle industry to support the future of cycling in the UK. Running since 2003, the Bike Hub levy is voluntary, paid […]

Cycling UK

Cycling UK is the national cycling charity and inspires and helps people to cycle and keep cycling. “We work to protect and promote cycling to create a healthier, cleaner world, now and for the future. We want the UK to be a place where it’s easy and safe for people of all ages to cycle, whatever […]

British Cycling

British Cycling is the national governing body for cycling as recognised by the UCI – the international federation for the sport. British Cycling works across all levels and six disciplines of the sport (BMX, Mountain Bike, Cyclo-Cross, Road, Track and Cycle Speedway), from providing the support and encouragement people need to get riding their bikes […]