#7daysofcycling: Experience an electric bike

E-bikes may be coming of age, but this is not a recent revolution. Did you know the first attempt at a battery powered bike was in fact in 1881 by Frenchman Gustave Trouvé!

Then in 1990 came the development of the first Pedelec (PEDal-ELECtric), or Pedal Assist System (PAS), seeing power-assisted bicycles or e-bikes becoming more innovative and affordable from the early 2000’s. More than 1.6 million electric bikes were sold in the EU in 2016, according to the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry.

With a variety of e-bikes on the market and more opportunities to hire an e-bike, now’s the time to try assisted cycling – making uphill climbs enjoyable for all!

Frankie Gibson, who works for one of the UK’s leading specialist tour operators – Inghams – explains her experience of trying an e-bike:

“When I worked as an Overseas Representative, I’d point guests in the direction of the local hire shops and cycling routes and recommend they experience the location with an e-bike, but never considered giving it a go myself… until recently.  On my first e-biking experience, a group of [complete novices] gave it a go with a guide and we were all amazed at just how easy it made tackling steep inclines. At first glance, e-bikes don’t look that different to a normal bike; it had different settings, which are controlled by a dial on the handlebar or frame.

“One thing which surprised us was how similar riding an e-bike is to riding a normal road or mountain bike. You still have to peddle, but sometimes you forget this as you’re so easily gliding uphill! Whilst some may refer to e-biking as ‘cheating’, you still feel it in your legs, it’s still exercise and, if you compare it to not cycling at all out of fear you’ll never manage the hills, then it’s not cheating at all. It simply makes travelling on two wheels more accessible.”


There is a wealth of information about e-biking on the Cycling UK website. E-biking can be sampled in many of Inghams Lakes & Mountains resorts, visit the website for details: www.inghams.co.uk/summer2018.