#7daysofcycling: Health and fitness benefits

Cycling, like many sports, is excellent physical activity. However, unlike many other sports, cycling is easier to fit into daily routines compared to other forms of exercise. It is a form of transport so can be used for your daily commute to school or work; it is less costly and when part of your regular routine it doesn’t take extra time out of your day.

There are a number of studies identifying just how much it improves physical and mental health and well-being, while reducing the risk of premature death and ill-health, for example:

  • Cycling to work is linked with a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), compared to commuting by car or public transport
  • Health benefits of cycling outweigh the injury risks by between 13:1 and 415:1, according to studies. The figure that is most often quoted is 20:1 (life years gained due to the benefits of cycling v the life-years lost through injuries).
  • Cycling can make a big impact on UK’s current obesity epidemic; 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children could be obese by 2050 in the UK, at a cost of £10 billion p.a. to the NHS if we don’t change our diet and lifestyles.

The other key factor that makes cycling so beneficial is that it’s FUN! And this is great for mental health too.

Visit the Cycling UK website for 10 excellent reasons why cycling is good for your health, and get out on your bike in Bike Week.