Bike Week 2016 Gallery

We’ve compiled a selection of photos from various 2016 Bike Week events. Feel free to share yours by sending them to

IMG_3496 IMG_3322 Some of the NSPCC team tucking into a well earned bike breakfast after their ride to work.

003JPG (2) (2) Reduced Graham Wilson and friends in Plymouth.

Elvis  Elvis loves cycling!

received_1051437668243995 Well done to Sue Egerton for completing the London to Brighton ride (and for conquering the dreaded Ditchling Beacon climb).

IMG_0017 Monica Mehers pauses for a photo with some friends.

image (5) image (6) image (2) image (7) image (1) A fantastic bike breakfast put on by the University of Westminster

Chain Stretch Check Pro Bike Service Main tools Lawrence from Pro Bike Service giving a bike a quick tune up.

IMG_1765 Lorraine and the team from East Herts Council with their bikes.

Cyclescheme 1 Cyclescheme 2 The Cyclescheme team getting in the Bike Week spirit with a Bike Breakfast and post ride BBQ.


27863101721_22ebf224cc_z 27178765174_7c169f2b24_z 27589333972_10c7976d2d_z 27690229042_dd6ccf1d11_z  27543146102_497bd21be2_z Some fun from the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

Belhaven Great photo from Belhaven bikes.