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Bike Week news

Watch the video of the Bike Week Launch event!

As we approach the close of a fantastic Bike Week 2018, there are many great events and highlights we’ll be looking back on – more on that on 18 June! In the meantime, watch the highlights of our official launch of Bike Week 2018 at the Dutch Embassy in London, welcoming the great and the […]

#7daysofcycling: Cycling as a family

As part of our #7daysofcycling this Bike Week, today we’re celebrating family cycling and the opportunities it has at bringing us all together. One of the abiding memories we will all have of cycling together is on holiday, which is why we’re pleased to say Cycling UK has teamed up with Discover Ferries to offer […]

#7daysofcycling: Improve your mental wellbeing

Did you know Cycling UK has lots of projects that help people discover the joys of cycling, at the same time improving their mental health? One great example is Cycle 4 Health, which offers free cycle training at the Fieldhead Mental Health Hospital in Wakefield. Jacqueline Sharp, who works at the hospital, explains more: “Cycle […]

#7daysofcycling: Cycle to Work today!

Many people who commute by bike will recognise the financial savings of petrol or bus fares, not to mention the opportunity to avoid congestion and benefit from daily exercise. Employers are also becoming more aware of the positive benefits on their profit margins, supporting their staff to cycle to work which promotes well-being, eases company transport […]

#7daysofcycling: Experience an electric bike

E-bikes may be coming of age, but this is not a recent revolution. Did you know the first attempt at a battery powered bike was in fact in 1881 by Frenchman Gustave Trouvé! Then in 1990 came the development of the first Pedelec (PEDal-ELECtric), or Pedal Assist System (PAS), seeing power-assisted bicycles or e-bikes becoming more […]