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What’s the best bike for cycle commuting?

Let us guide you through the options Your choice of bike for the ride to work will depend on your own tastes and on the distance, terrain and varying surfaces you’ll encounter on the journey. Here’s some top advice and insight from our friends at BikeRadar when choosing your commuting cycle. For longer tarmac commutes, experienced […]

Top 10 bike maintenance ‘don’ts’

Don’t let a ‘can-do’ approach end up as one big ‘can-D’OH!’ Keen to try a bit of DIY bike maintenance but worried your ‘can-do’ approach might end up as one big ‘can-D’OH!’? We’ve asked our friends over at Bikeradar for their top 10 DIY ‘Don’ts’ to keep you out of trouble. Tools required Spoke key […]

Top ten tips for cycling in traffic

In today’s busy road conditions, what you may have learned years ago in the playground for your Cycling Proficiency badge just doesn’t cut it. Update your cycling skills with our top ten tips. 1. Don’t hide on the inside Never undertake a lorry on the left hand side, especially if you are at a junction. Don’t […]