Colin Jackson: “Let’s rekindle our love of cycling and get active”

Former Olympic champion and Bike Week Ambassador, Colin Jackson, encourages people to get cycling and get the nation more active.

A study commissioned by Cycling UK and Halfords, as part of Bike Week 2017, showed that more than one in 10 (12%) of British families with children aged 12 years and under have at least one family member who does not know how to ride a bike, amid fears that many are missing out on the chance to take up this fun and essential life skill.

In the poll of over 500 families, some 25% said they were not comfortable cycling, with wide-ranging reasons from ill health or the weather, to not feeling confident cycling with traffic or having just had a baby.

The poll also revealed that more than three quarters (76%) would cycle more often as a family if there were more traffic-free routes available to cycle on.

Cycling UK’s Bike Week Ambassador, Colin Jackson said “One of my fondest memories from my childhood, having learnt to ride my bike at school, is having fun pedalling about with my sister and with my mates. What better time to love riding a bike than during Bike Week. Rekindle your love of cycling and join me in the saddle!”

The Bike Week poll also found that 36% would cycle more if they were trained to ride a bike through school clubs or locally funded cycling courses.

Cycling UK’s Chief Executive, Paul Tuohy said: “Bike Week is the best opportunity to start cycling. It’s a reminder to us all that exercise can be just as enjoyable as it can be sociable. Cycling UK wants to help millions more people to rediscover – or find out for the first time – just how much fun you can have cycling so we encourage everyone to get involved in Bike Week in June.”



Notes to Editors:
  1. All polling data, unless otherwise stated, is from Atomik Research, commissioned by Cycling UK for Bike Week 2017.

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