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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files which a website might store on your computer the first time you visit it. These cookies help the website recognise you next time you visit the site.Cookies serve many functions, for example, remembering your username for your login or remembering your preferences for how you like to view or use the site.

What cookies does this site use?

Essential cookies
Some cookies this site stores are essential to its operation. For instance, without these cookies the site would not know when you had logged in and would not allow you to access the pages you can only see when you are logged in.

Performance cookies
These cookies allow us to monitor how the site is operating and give us anonymous information about how users are viewing the site. These help us improve the performance and relevance of the site for our users.

Functional cookies
These cookies are used to remember your preferences and username which make your experience of the site better.

Third Party cookies
Where we embed content content or functionality from third parties, such as Facebook or Twitter, these services can write cookies to improve your experience of these services.

Can I block cookies?
You can change your browser settings to prevent from writing cookies to your computer. More nformation on blocking and deleting cookies can be found on the