Cycle to Work story – Dave Dunne (NSPCC)

This year’s theme for Bike Week 2016 is Ride to Work, we meet Dave from the NSPCC to tell us all about his cycle into work and a few scrapes he’s encountered on the way!

Dave Dunne
Dave and his friend Charlotte on a ride

Hi Dave, tell us about your role at the NSPCC

I am a Supervisor at ChildLine Manchester. I’m one of a team of people who are responsible for the training and supervision of our volunteer counsellors. We also support our counsellors, both paid and volunteers, to offer the best service possible when they are working with the children and young people who contact us, which includes making risk assessments and deciding on any appropriate safeguarding action. It’s a brilliant job, and I feel very lucky to work with such an amazing team.

What do you love about cycling?

It’s a very practical and inexpensive mode of transport, and it helps to keep me fit. I particularly love riding home in rush hour traffic and being able to speed past all the stationary traffic!

How long have you been cycling to work?

For about 5-6 years

Is there a reason why you cycle to work?

I got rid of my car, because it was expensive and I’ve worked within walking or cycling distance of where I live for a number of years . The Manchester base of ChildLine moved from the city centre to Salford about four years ago, which would take over an hour to get to if I walked, or 40-50 minutes the bus (depending on traffic). It takes 20 minutes on my bike, so it as the obvious choice for me.

Do you cycle outside of your commute?

It’s my main mode of transport, aside from the bus. I occasionally get out and about in the countryside as well

Has anything unusual happened to you on your cycle into work?

Not on the way to work, but I had a pretty spectacular accident on my home once – caused by my own stupidity. My old route took me past some big wooden benches that were fixed into pieces of concrete, so they were very obvious. My lock was attached to the bike and kept hitting the inside of my leg as I rode home one evening, so I looked down to move it and careered straight into one of the benches. The bike came to an immediate halt, but I didn’t. I flew over the handlebars and hit the ground face first on to a patch of gravel. I spent a few weeks having to explain to people that I hadn’t been beaten up! I still have a little scar above my lip to remind me always to look ahead, and I have since changed my route to and from work.

Ouch! Glad to hear that hasn’t put you off cycling though Dave.

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