Free entry to CycleCity Leeds


400+ delegates will be at this important conference, 1-2 May. Readers of the Bike Week blog qualify for free entry to the end-of-conference sessions.

The CycleCity conference will be opened by Minister for Roads (and Cycling) Robert Goodwill MP. This is the second annual staging of the conference (the first one was held in Birmingham to launch ‘Get Britain Cycling’) and you qualify for free entry to the end-of-conference sessions, starting at 3.30pm. Andre Curtis, chair of Cyclenation, will be leading a session called “Behaviour Change” and he will lead with a workshop of “Bike Week – Making it work.” Other speakers in this session – to be held in the Kramer Room, in Leeds City Hall – include Jim McGurn of Get Cycling and Sam Robinson of Challenge for Change.

Following this session there will be panel discussion in the Sullivan Room, from 5pm-7pm. Panelists will include Cllr Roger Harrington, Chris Peck of CTC and Lizzie Reather of Leeds Cycle Campaign. Chair for this session will be Carlton Reid, executive editor of

Please note: CycleCity Leeds is a paid-for event and the special Bike Week entry passes only kick-in for the 3.30pm sessions onwards on the final day, Friday 2nd May. Register from 3pm onwards.

2 thoughts on “Free entry to CycleCity Leeds

  • George Buck

    This all sounds excellent, but…sorry to strike a pessimistic note but is this all happening while our city councillors and planners operate in a parallel world? The only councillor to attend, as far as I can tell, is ‘one of us’ – councillor Harrington. Any representatives from the Highways Department?

  • carltonreid

    There are 17 delegates from Leeds City Council attending, including transport strategy manager, traffic engineering manager, leader of the council and acting head of economic policy.

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