Win use of a Car Bike Port for your company for the duration of Bike Week!

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Lack of cycle parking where you work but tons of car parking spaces? Cycle Hoop is offering to supply one of its iconic Car Bike Ports for the duration of Bike Week. Win some bike space for your colleagues who would love to cycle in if only they had somewhere safe to lock their bikes. One car space parks 10 bicycles!

Email to enter your organisation.

Deadline is this Friday, 5pm.

3 thoughts on “Win use of a Car Bike Port for your company for the duration of Bike Week!

  • John Thomas

    Like the idea, but it’s unfortunate that the advert appears to show a Cycle Hoop taking up a space reserved for a medical doctor. Ten bikes visibly taking up the space that could be occupied by a car tells a good story, but taking up a space potentially needed for medical emergencies, not so much.

  • Cyclehoop

    Hi John. Well noted about the Doctor space. I appreciate what you are saying. We provide the facility under the instruction of the local council who looked into the area before we installed. They advised us that “A doctor’s parking bay is available for doctors who require a bay sited near their surgery or consulting room during practice hours. They are not provided to enable routine home visits or other non-emergency vehicle use” This was placed during a weekend event which meant the space was actually not in use. Many thanks, Cyclehoop.

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