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Dr Bikes are trained mechanics or enthusiastic cyclists who perform health checks on bikes and are a key service to have at your event to help achieve Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix.

There are two types of Dr Bike:

A trained mechanic from a local bike shop or social enterprise can attend the event to deliver bike safety checks and basic repairs. This can include fixing punctures and adjusting brakes and gears, as well as advising on potential problems and giving tips on looking after bikes. Note: bike shops and social enterprises may charge a fee for their services.

You can put on your own Dr Bike service by downloading a Dr Bike Checklist Bike Week and guiding people at your event through what they should check for to ensure their bike is in a roadworthy condition. The owner of the bike can then take the checklist to their local bike shop or social enterprise to have it fixed.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Bike

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    Graham Hankins

    Can this phrase ‘trained mechanic’ please be clarified? Why ‘trained’? What ‘training’ is needed or what qualifications? At our Dr Bike events in Birmingham in 2012 and 2013 we inflated tyres, repaired punctures and occasionally adjusted gears and brakes, all free of charge as volunteer members of the local campaigning group.

    Thank you

    Graham Hankins, Birmingham

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      Bike shops will tend to have CyTech-trained mechanics. Many social enterprise bike recyclers also often have staff who are CyTech-trained. However, it’s not necessary to have such training before operating a Dr. Bike session because, as you say, it’s mostly inflating tyres, and basic adjustments. Any bike that requires more than basic fettling needs to be referred to a bike shop.

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    Alternatively, for those cyclists who would like to ensure that their bicycle is being maintained by a professional mechanic, get in touch with us: all of our mechanics are CyTech-trained and we are all National Security CTC vetted (as we fix the Metropolitan and City Police fleet of bicycles – as well as the other emergency services).

    So if you want to make sure both you and your bicycle are in safe hands: let us come to you! We are after all the UK’s premier on-site bicycle maintenance provider…