Organisers info

Please note, in order to take advantage of our free insurance cover, your event must comply with our Guidance Note 5 and take place within the dates of 25 May to 25 June 2018.

You can register your Bike Week event online until 25 June 2018.

Are you wondering which event to hold this year? Why not organise a:

  • Bike breakfast: reward those who have cycled to work with a coffee and pastry! After all, they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Dr Bike: work with your local bike shop or bike recycling centre to perform bike health checks and tune ups.
  • Buddy ride: arrange to meet colleagues or friends and show them the easiest route to ride to work, the shops etc.
  • Social ride: organise a social / fun ride for new cyclists in your area. You’ll meet new people, have fun together and encourage more people to get out and cycle….you could top it off with a lovely lunch somewhere!
  • Raise money for charity: get together with friends and make up your own cycle challenge to raise money for good causes.

Kids20151  aCTC_0024 (1 of 1) (2)    CTC in Old Stevenage by John Crouch brighter