How to put on a Bike Breakfast

Putting on your Bike Breakfast

What better reward for work colleagues (or school classmates) who’ve cycled than a coffee and pastry? After all, they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and those who have been using a little pedal power are definitely entitled to replace a few burned-off calories.

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Bike breakfasts are a fantastic way to bring people together and reward those who have ridden in. This ‘treat’ is often all that’s needed to break down some of the barriers that prevent people cycling to work (or school).

Top tip: make the breakfast feel special and fun. You can decorate the room and ‘dress’ the location to make it feel welcoming.

Don’t forget you can use your bike breakfast as a way to fundraise. Many people will be donating the money they save by not taking the car or public transport to good causes. This year, we have partnered with leading children’s charity the NSPCC to help make a massive difference for vulnerable children and young people.

Bike breakfasts are among the easiest and cheapest events to put on. Below is a simple guide on what you need to do to make yours a success.

Don’t forget to share your photos with us as we’d love to see your events. (#BikeWeekUK).

Planning and promotion

Don’t keep the event a secret! Tell your colleagues (or classmates) about what’s happening.

  • Print out and put up posters in communal areas.
  • E-mail your colleagues (don’t forget to send them a reminder e-mail a few days before).
  • Don’t forget to set a start time to your event and book out a specific meeting room or area where you usually eat.


  • It’s a good idea to find out if anyone has any specific dietary requirements before you buy any food.
  • Visit your local supermarket or store to buy the food either the day before or in the morning on your way to work. Some people may want to show off their baking skills and bring in some tasty homemade treats.
  • You may want to prepare the room the day before. Looking out plates, cutlery, napkins etc. in advance will save you time in the morning.

Types of food

  • Food such as pastries, fruit and yoghurts are easiest to organise and serve (and are soooooo tasty).
  • Cereals require some more work, as you’ll need to make sure you have enough milk and bowls.
  • Unless you have onsite facilities (such as a canteen), a cooked breakfast is an unlikely expectation. But we have heard of some companies even hiring their local mobile catering van to serve hot food.
  • You can make the breakfasts as healthy as you wish.
  • Don’t forget to brew some fresh tea or coffee and provide some fresh juice (cycling can be thirsty work after all).

After the event

  • There will be an element of clearing and tidying up (you don’t want to annoy your office manager).
  • Share some photos of the morning and use the hash tag #BikeWeekUK
  • Make it a regular activity to encourage more people to cycle to work.