Top 10 Bike Maintenance Tips

The following bike fettling tips were provided by Helen Pidd, author of Bicycle – The Complete Guide To Everyday Cycling, published by Penguin. 1. Keep it clean If there is one thing you can do to prolong the life of your bike, it is keeping it clean. Tedious, but true. No fancy cleaning kit required […]

Register your event

Bike Week 2018 takes place from 9th-17th June.  To register please complete our simple form below; there are six pages so that it’s easy to complete on a mobile device too. Please note there is no log-in for organisers. Your event will be validated manually so please be patient, this is not immediate. Once processed […]

Colin Jackson: “Let’s rekindle our love of cycling and get active”

Former Olympic champion and Bike Week Ambassador, Colin Jackson, encourages people to get cycling and get the nation more active. A study commissioned by Cycling UK and Halfords, as part of Bike Week 2017, showed that more than one in 10 (12%) of British families with children aged 12 years and under have at least […]

Cycling tips: essential pieces of riding advice for beginners

A guide to the basics of kit, clothing, technique and more… These cycling tips are aimed at the beginners, those of you who’ve just started out on their great two-wheeled adventure. Our friends at BikeRadar have brought this advice together to act as your helpful riding buddy who wants to save you some time and […]

Why cycling makes you happy

Getting on our bike always makes us feel happier, even when it’s wet, cold or dark outside. There’s something about a spin of the pedals that always lifts our mood. There’s scientific evidence for the exercise-makes-us-happier theory, too. A 2010 study from the American College of Sports Medicine showed that just one 30-minute exercise session […]